About Us

Ultrasonic Wine Aging Ltd. is a start-up company. We have worked on various types of liquid in our career span during which we have successfully carried out evaluation of liquids after exposure to ultrasonic waves. We have a passion for wines which make him try out various techniques that can potentially improve the taste and quality of wine making wine consumption an awesome experience. Through our intensive efforts, we have demonstrated how ultrasonic frequency can bring an overall change

Our Vision

Our mission is to deliver the best possible and reliable solution through state-of art multi-frequency ultrasonic technology to help our clients improve efficiency and business profitability.


By making use of modern novel techniques, we believe in offering cost as well a time intensive business solutions for the wine areas. In coming years, our vision is to become a top most name for offering high quality and reliable ultrasonic solutions for wine as well as other liquids.

After years of research and too much experimentation the outcome has been generated in the form of Ultrasonic Wine Aging machines that can work wonder on the wine. Wine is one of the most favoured consumer drinks feel the notable change with ultrasonic decanter.

We have a team of technology and wine industry specialists with over years of expertise to assist in the process of developing new innovations that can work well for the wine industry.

We strive to work with all global red wineries and led the world towards new innovation and technology.

Future location

Ultrasonic Wine Aging Ltd.

7010 Nelson, Tasman

New Zealand

Email: info (at) wineaging.co.nz

Internet: www.wineaging.co.nz