Investors sustainable wine making

Wine Investment and Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Wine production is a costly business and requires a lot of investment. Investors are what every business look for in order to gain a competitive edge in the market.


However investment is not readily available for every business. Before making an investment in any business, every business man looks for viability of the project and financial health of the company for whom investment is to be made.


In past few years, sustainable development has emerged as a new trend. Moreover investors too prefer investing in those wine producers who follow sustainable wine making approach.


What is Sustainable Wine making all about?


Sustainable Wine Making refers to making of wine in such a way that all the used resources are can be optimized well to meet the development needs of future generations.


Some prime benefits of sustainable wine making are as follows:

• Improved wine quality

• Higher returns for the Growers’

• Minimize potential negative impact on nature

• Better resource management.

• Long term viability of land & business

• Harmonious relations with community, consumers & regulators.

Ultrasonic wine aging
Ultrasonic wine aging

Marketing sustainability is an unexplored wine making avenue which if explored thoroughly could result in high gains for wineries.


Wine marketing should be done in such a way so as to promote the intake of wine among a high volume of people on regular basis in a socially responsible manner.


Sustainable marketing if done in an organized way could pave way for better regional branding and differentiation.


Sustainable wine making practices and approach should be followed in order to focus on overall aspects of wine production namely:

•    vineyard water usage
•    energy conservation,
•    Use of pesticide and community relations
•    Assessing the overall environmental, economic and social responsibility.


How We and Our Investors Promote Sustainable Wine Making?

At Ultrasonic Wine Ageing Ltd, we focus on following various innovative approaches that can prove immensely beneficial in sustainable wine making process.

Some of the innovative approach may include emphasis on biodynamic and organic certification, use of conventional heating such as solar energy and geothermal energy, Construction of LEED certified structures along by organizing and participation in local or regional food as well as environmental programs.


Our aim is to meet the goal of sustainable wine making by following sustainable practices.


We look for long term viability of business goals by making a perfect balance of technology and dedication. Presently our target areas are New Zealand and Australia, both famous for their sustainable wine production.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) has emerged as a new trend to exhibit duties and responsibility towards society as a whole.


This concept is based on cost benefit analysis and helps managers as well as investors in giving their brand a distinct social image.


In contrast to traditional wine producing techniques, following green practices may prove expensive in the initial years but will pay a lot in future run.


Make a smart move by investing in sustainable wine making so as to capture not only the financial value but also the environmental value of sustainable development.