Wine ageing ultrasonic generators

Ultrasonic Wine Ageing Generators

Wine is one of the most favoured consumer goods whose production is both time as well as cost intensive.


Lower consumption and excess supply has highlighted the need for wine producers to become more competitive. In short high quality wine production has emerged as a challenge for wine producers.


Ultrasonic wine ageing has emerged as a new state of art trend for sustainable wine making.

Ultrasonic Wine Ageing Ltd offers high quality yet powerful ultrasonic wine ageing solutions for wine producers.


Our states of art ultrasonic wine ageing generators are not only strong & powerful but efficient and reliable too. We are a leading brand for high quality industrial ultrasonic equipments supplier. Our machines are designed to perform under robust conditions i.e. capacity to retain high load under industrial environment.


Industrial level processing requires high power so as to be in sync with the volume of flow that needs to be processed.

Unique Features of Our Ultrasonic Wine Ageing Generators

Our multi frequency ultrasonic systems are designed to treat wines with ultrasound in a controlled manner so as to considerably reduce the time to a minimal level.


The system is ready for industrial up-scaling.


There are various unique selling points (USPs) of our system and has proved to be paramount importance in assisting to push the results to the market, as well as in stimulating demand in the marketplace.

The final result of ultrasonic ageing is dependent on the type of wine to be treated.


The various USP’s of our ultrasonic wine ageing generator are as follows:

1.    Higher Throughput and Productivity:  Wine is such a beverage that tastes better with age. Ageing duration may vary from several months to years. Wineries need to optimize their resources and spaces for better productivity, higher sales turnover and obviously an improved cash flow. High scalability of our ultrasonic wine ageing generators ensures flexibility to adapt to vivid industrial or commercial situations.

2.    Cost Effective Solution: Time is money. By reducing time required for wine ageing, this technology offers you ample time to focus on other market strategies that could result in financial gains. Be it conversion of wine harvest to cash low thereby increasing liquidity.


3.    Uncompromised Efficiency: Ultrasonic makes use of ultrasound which is a cost as well as energy efficient. Over the years various changes have been made in the design to improve the overall efficiency in order to yield high quality output.

4.    Improved Quality: The consistency in quality will help producers to better market their wines, as wine wholesalers and consumers are willing to pay a premium price for quality.

5.    Extended Shelf Life: Wine treated by ultrasonic technology is envisaged to have a better shelf life by up to 30%of its peak period. During inter molecular collision shock waves are generated that causes molecules to agglomerate and formation of new molecules in the treated wine. Various laboratory tests have confirmed this fact.

Are you looking for an efficient solution for your wine production needs? Look No beyond than high tech ultrasound technology solutions offered by Ultrasonic Wine Ageing Ltd.


We are a reputed name in the industry offering high quality solution for your everyday wine production needs.